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About Us

March Hare Pty Ltd was incorporated in Australia in March 1996 to provide consulting services to organisations developing with Uniface.

Since then we have grown in to a worldwide organisation specialising in software and services to assist business in developing and maintaining corporate database applications.

We teamed up with Tony Hoyle and the CVSNT open source community in 2004 by sponsoring ongoing CVS development and providing professional support, installation and training services.

During the following twelve months one person every 21 seconds has downloaded CVSNT - that's a total of 1,479,112 downloads of the production / stable release. CVSNT is used by individuals from every corner of the globe and companies of all sizes.

Our most popular Uniface software product UD6/CMtool Driver is used by over 150 users in Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, the United States of America and also Australia to simplify the management of Uniface source code.

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March Hare Software Limited was incorporated in England in 2003

Our Mission

We make technology become a tool that works for your business.

Technology can enslave your business, or assist and grow your business.

Our aim is, that by understanding our clients business needs, to provide solutions that will continue to give them all the competitive advantages that technology can give.

This web portal provides detailed information on our vendor independent applications development, development support, and development tools.

By being committed to using tools that provide technology and vendor independence coupled with adherence to standards and a customer focused attitude, we offer IT solutions that will last longer and will support the newest technology sooner.

Our People

The consultants we provide are self-motivated individuals with a focus on their business area, they have often worked longer as business professionals than as IT professionals. They are backed up by technical specialists focused on understanding the details of advanced technology.

We employ a mixture of permanent staff and contractors who we have certified meet our standards of integrity, professionalism, experience and training.

Our Expertise

Our technical specialists have incomparable industry experience in Uniface, and Source Code Control / Configuration Management as well as .NET and Java.

In our field we will remain committed to vendor neutrality, and encourage high quality consultancy, software and services by organisations independent of the suppliers of IT development software and hardware.

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