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CVS Consultants
Get the assistance you need for CVS today! Consulting, Training, Installation, Migration, Support and Documentation for CVS, CVSweb, Bugzilla, Glimpse, and LXR.

We support these tools for Unix, Windows and Mac OS X. Support will be added soon for IBM zSeries and iSeries as well as many other platforms.
  If you are looking for CVS support but do not use Uniface, then please see our CVS Professional Support and CVSNT page.

March Hare provide version control integration solutions for developers of corporate database applications, and in particular for organisations that use the Uniface development tools. An increasing number of organisations are wanting to use the free CVS version control tool, and its associated developer productivity tools, but require consulting, implementation advice or ongoing support.

Our QuickStart service is intended to provide the same basic consulting services that you would expect with tools such as PVCS Dimensions or ClearCase - but with CVS.

» Contact us to discuss your requirements

  For companies without Uniface: » Download Support Brochure

The QuickStart for Uniface programme is for 1, 2 or 3 weeks depending on:
  • The size of the repository
  • The number of users
  • Optional components selected
Sydney, Australia: AU$11,000 (1 week)
London, UK:              Call     (1 week)
Germany, USA:         16.000 (1 week)

  Commercial quality support for a free product
The QuickStart programme includes:
  • Administration training (for 1 administrator)
  • End-user training (for up to 5 developers)
  • Installation of CVS, and CVSWeb
  • Integration of CVS and the Windows desktop
  • Initial load of repository into CVS
  • Implementation documentation
  • Administration documentation
  • Developer documentation

System Integration
Optional components that can also be included:

  • Installation of one the following workflow / developer productivity tools:
    • BugZilla (Bug tracking and workflow),
    • LXR - Lexical analysis and search,
    • Bonsai - automated build and CVS repository change tracking, and
    • Glimpse - free-form text searching.
  • Integration of CVS and Bugzilla
  • Migration of Uniface source code to UD6 prior to import into CVS
  • Migration of Uniface / UVCS historical information to UD6/CVS

Your hardware or ours?
March Hare can perform the installations on existing hardware, or assist you in choosing and installing new hardware. Supported operating systems include: Windows NT/2000*, Unix (most supported), and Mac OS X. Support will be added soon for IBM iSeries and IBM zSeries as well as many other platforms.

Supported by the experts
March Hare also provide a complete range of consultancy services to assist you in implementing your Uniface solutions. Please visit our consultants page or CVSNT Professional Support and CVSNT page for more information.

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